ECTA 2024 - Masterclass 'Hysteroscopy & Ultrasound-Building Bridges'

The Masterclass 'Hysteroscopy & Ultrasound–Building Bridges' is a Masterclass dedicated to both the newest developments in hysteroscopy and the most up-to-date novelties in the field of gynaecological ultrasound.
We aim for this Masterclass to be a connecting point between the gynaecologist, nurse and all actors involved. We get to work in a brand-new hospital with our team of experienced ETCA teachers.
This Masterclass is one that will go beyond the usual seminars, live-ultrasounds and live-surgeries to dedicate itself to group discussions on hot topics and case-reports and lots of hands-on training in small groups.

ETCA - ZNA Campus Cadix - Antwerp - Belgium

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Account Number: BE 06 0012 9696 0122
IBAN: 06001296960122
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Journée d'Echographie - CHU Hôpital Citadelle Liège


Journée d’Echographie
Programme : Dopplers et dépistage de la pré-éclampsie du 1er au 3eme
trimestre de la grossesse

Teachers : Prof. Chantraine / Dr. Noel / Dr. Denef
Horaire : 08h45 - 13h00

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Hegenberger Medical Announces a Strategic Distribution Partnership with Benetec BV

Hegenberger Medical is pleased to announce that Benetec BV has been appointed as a strategic Enterprise Partner and the exclusive distribution partner of the Hegenberger Retractor in the territories of Belgium and Luxembourg.

The Hegenberger retractor, invented by Danish midwife Malene Hegenberger, is a unique, innovative and award-winning device, which transforms postpartum exploration and suturing by providing a clear view of the vaginal walls and perineum, improving outcomes for women with postpartum tears. The Hegenberger Retractor is the first innovation in this field of obstetric practice for over 150 years.


Benetec BV is a leading company in the distribution of medical, medical equipment, instruments, and consumables to the Benelux healthcare facilities. Benetec provides a vast clinical experience and a deep knowledge of the local market thanks to 35 years providing innovative and quality healthcare solutions, offering continuous education through our range of workshops, webinars and other courses.

Rob Maas, Managing Director said, “We are pleased to partner up with Hegenberger Medical. The Hegenberger retractor is simply better than another set of hands during suturing. We are convinced that this innovative product will help many clinicians to improve efficiency and most of all the outcome for their patients.


Hegenberger Medical is delighted for the support provided by the Department of International Trade (DIT) in Belgium by providing a better understanding of the market entry strategy. Mathieu Vanoverberghe, Head of Trade at British Embassy in Brussels said, “DIT Brussels, the Trade Promotion Agency of the UK Government in Belgium, is honoured and proud to have been able to support Hegenberger’s entry into the BeLux market. Benetec BV is a strong name within the sector in Belgium, and we are delighted that this partnership has been established. We are confident this product will improve obstetric practices for medical practitioners in general and improve patients’ quality of life in particular, as clearly demonstrated in other European markets”.

Advanced MSUS Course with Hands-on Training

In May 2024 we are organising our Advanced Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Course in Tielt, Belgium. The course combines lectures, demonstrations and hands-on training to teach musculoskeletal ultrasound and is designed to improve the practice of ultrasound examinations.

Subscribe to our course and get:
1. Lessons on punctures, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, ankle, foot, knee, hip...
2. Hands-on training by experienced teachers
3. Individual coaching and tips

Details on the course can be found in the flyer.
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Journée d'Echographie - CHU Helora Mons


Journée d'Echographie
Programme : 
Séance de formation continue/perfectionnement à l'échographie obstétricale
avec exercices pratiques sur patientes

Teacher : Dr. Ceysens
Horaire : 13h00 - 17h00

Details on the course can be found in the flyer
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