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Giotto Class - Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Biopsy


A unique system

  • It is possible to work in Tomo, Stereo, or Combined mode
  • The prone position gives you complete confidence in achieving the best biopsy results with the highest degree of comfort for the patient
  • The operator has maximum accessibility to the breast and ample work space in the operating area.
  • Raffaello: a fast and intuitive software.
  • GIOTTO CLASS is compatible with every biopsy system currently on the market and provides.
  • 360° biopsy access with lateral and cranial caudal approaches.
  • Mobile wheel-mounted AWS that can be moved to the operating area for maximum visibility and accessibility to the displays for the operators.


An ergonomic, versatile,user-friendly system

GIOTTO CLASS can be transformed, by simply and quickly moving of inclination, into a dedicated unit for biopsies performed with Tomosynthesis with the patient in a prone or upright position.

You will have a one-of-a-kind instrument for successfully resolving all of your imaging demands. The conversion to prone unit is quick and easy. It is easy for the patient to get on the biopsy table using the step.

Thanks to the four wheels, the biopsy table can be quickly positioned and the breast centered ready to start the biopsy procedure.


 Details that make the difference

  • CONTROL PANELS: that are easily reached by the operator, located on both sides of the unit and the X-ray tube.These controls enable all movements or activation of the programmed sequence.
  • DISPLAYS: located on both sides of the compressor’s base. This allows displays to be easily consulted by the operator at all times.
  • DATA SHOWN: compressor force, compressed breast thickness, and rotation and inclination of the tube / detector.
  • AWS: acquisition workstation is extremely intuitive for the operator.
    The AWS is equipped with a clinical screen for displaying the images and a second versatile touchscreen on which all the unit’s parameters can be easily checked and managed. The MOBILE AWS is mounted on wheels, which allows it to be placed always in the most convenient position depending on the procedure.





Stereo, Tomo or Combined Biopsy

  • Interchangeable guides for compatibility with all types of biopsy drivers
  • Remote control with 5.7” touch-screen display where you control all the parameters
  • Total weight of the biopsy kit is less than 3.5 kg
  • Motorized and/or manual compression system with handles

Accessory items:

  • Compressor 24 x 30 with 7 x 7 cm window
  • Compressor 10 x 10 for side access
  • Spacer for lesions near the table or for side access

360° breast accessibility


Prone Biopsy

  • The biopsy table can be either connected to the mains or used with batteries
  • Vertical range of 800 mm
  • Motorized adjustment of the backrest from 45° to the horizontal position in order to make pre- and post-examination phases easier
  • Remote control to remotely adjust both the upright movement and the backrest position
  • Largest breast adjustable aperture with a diameter of 250 mm, movable to 100 mm in all directions
  • Side anti-fall protection guard rails
  • Side anti-fall protection guards
  • Pairs of wheels which can be braked separately for safety purposes during the examination
  • Extension supports for non-standard patients
  • Comfortable left and right steps for the patient



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